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When it comes to propellants, Chemours™ is committed to safety, science and technology, as well as channel strength. Their global reach allows customers to meet regulatory requirements, achieve unique product performance goals and grow their markets. Because of zero and low volatile organic compound (VOC) formulation potiential, propellants from Chemours™ allow manufactures to comply with local, state and federal air quality standards for consumer, household, and industrial applications.

Vapor pressures of HP A, HP 152a, and Freon™ 134a are shown in Figure 1. Dymel Vapor Pressure
When blended with hydrocarbon propellants or low-boiling solvents, higher or lower pressures can be reached if required.

Because they are soluble in each other, with hydrocarbon propellants, and with a wide variety of common aerosol
solvents and products, Chemours™ propellants can be blended to provide effective delivery of water-based or solvent based products. HP A is exceptional in terms of its water solubility.

The basic physical properties of the Chemours™ propellants, detailed in the table below, can be
summarized as follows:

HP Ais a medium-high pressure propellant with a high degree of solubility in water (weight percent at
autogenous pressure) and high solvency. It is miscible with most conventional solvents. Its LEL (lower explosive
limit) in air is higher than that of hydrocarbon propellants.

HP 152a is similar to Dymel® A in vapor pressure, but has a low water solubility, is a moderately weak solvent,
and is flammable but, similar to Dymel® A, has a LEL about twice that of hydrocarbons.

Freon™ 134a is the only non-flammable propellant in the Chemours™ propellant series.

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