About KLEA®134a

KLEA®134a is used in many applications. It has the dual advantages of non-flammability in use and very low toxicity. These features make it very safe and easy to use in a wide range of applications. It is used to keep food cold preventing spoilage, to protect blood supplies, and for cooling buildings and automobile passengers. It is also used to make thermal insulation foam, as a non-flammable propellant in tire inflators and electronics dusters, and as a solvent.

KLEA®134a is a zero ODP, single component product.

KLEA®134a is non-flammable*, having been assigned an A1 rating by ASHRAE, and recognized as "Practically Non-Flammable" by Underwriters Laboratories.

KLEA®134a has extremely low toxicity, having been extensively investigated by a multi-million dollar toxicological program under the direction of PAFT (the Program for Alternative Fluorocarbon Toxicity Testing). The recommended occupational exposure limit (OEL) of 1000 ppm (8-hour time weighted average) is the highest level given to any chemical, and is the same as CFC-12 and R-500.

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*R-134a shows no flame limits in air at ambient pressures, when tested according to ASTM E-681, as interpreted by ASHRAE Standard 34-1997 and Underwriters Laboratories.

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