Solkane® 365mfc

Solkane® 365mfc is widely used in Europe as a base material for a wide range of blowing agent blends for plastic foams, industrial solvents and heat transfer fluids. Polyurethane foams produced with Solkane® 365mfc have a fine cell structure with good insulation properties and a good compressive strength. Solkane® 365mfc is a liquid hydrofluorocarbon without any ozone depletion potential. Two life cycle assessments performed according to ISO 14040 confirmed that Solkane® 365mfc product systems can be more eco-efficient than alternative solutions.
Note: HFCs such as Solkane® 365mfc have no impact on the ozone layer.

In the US, Solkane® 365’s use as a blowing agent is restricted and is primarily used as a solvent in electronics cleaners, mold releases, vapor degreasing, and as a replacement solvent for CFC, HCFC, and certain brominated chemicals.

Solkane® 365mfc is currently under notification procedure within the European Authorities.
The ELINCS No. is 430-250-1. A SNAP approval has been received. Read More.

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