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Diversified CPC International, through excellence in products and service, seeks to continuously improve the company's long term worth to our customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, and local communities.

This success is conditioned upon our ability to satisfy our customers. We will, therefore, seek opportunities to share value with our customers, by responding to the needs of our customers consistent with the requirements of cost competitiveness. Every employee will be alert to our customers needs so as to seek ways of improving the value our customers receive by improving the efficiency of what each employee does, by lowering costs, and by a conscious openness to innovation.

We are committed to providing a superior product, one that is high in purity, and environmentally acceptable, and in providing a safe clean respectable workplace for our employees.

It is through these measures that DCPC strives to be the leading supplier of aerosol propellants, blowing agents, alternate fuels, specialty chemicals, and related products.

The combination of these capacities and our commitment to continuous improvement has positioned Diversified CPC International, Inc as a world-class leader.

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