Diversified CPC International believes that all injuries, occupational illnesses, and safety incidents are preventable. Our goal is zero injuries, illnesses, and incidents.

To achieve this goal, Diversified CPC International is committed to the protection and promotion of employee health and safety by:

At Diversified CPC, safety is everyone's job. This will help assure that Diversified CPC facilities are operated in a manner that protects the health and safety of each of its employees.


Diversified CPC International is committed to providing our customers a naturally superior product, one that is high in purity, chemically stable, and environmentally acceptable. We recognize that environmental issues are critical to a strong business performance. We will, therefore, strengthen our business by making environmental concerns an integral part of all our business activities and by continuously striving to align our business with public expectations. To achieve this goal, Diversified CPC International will:

Lastly, Diversified CPC International is committed to the support of educational-based programs which promote meaningful environmental behavior by the individual. We will deploy our resources to meet these goals in a manner that strengthens our business.


The Quality Management System has the absolute and unqualified support of Diversified CPC International Management. We are committed to complying with the relevant requirements of all interested parties (Customers, Shareholders, Employees, Suppliers, and Regulatory Bodies) and continuously improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.  It is, therefore, the Policy of Diversified CPC International, Inc. to

The consistent refinement of our business processes to better anticipate and respond to changing needs are how Diversified CPC International has gained an enviable reputation and has become a leader in the industry.  By establishing measurable quality objectives, communicating this quality policy and objectives throughout the organization, implementing this Quality Management System, and by providing adequate resources to achieve this policy and measurable objectives is how Diversified CPC ensures the continued satisfaction of our customers and an improved quality of life for our employees.

The provisions of this manual, describing the Diversified CPC International Quality Management System, are binding on those individuals given the responsibilities outlined herein.  We expect everyone concerned to use this manual as a guide to the continued maintenance and improvement of the quality of our products and services.