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One of the critical ways Diversified CPC International has served our customers and the public trust is with our continuing innovation that helps manufacturers better achieve their goals in producing safe and reliable customer products.


Our products and services must be consistent to ensure the entire chain of ingredients meets everyone’s standards. And we recognize that our innovations are an integral component of their ingredients.


As experts with a history of innovation and leadership, we serve as a hub of knowledge for all of our stakeholders, from our customers, suppliers, investors, environmental groups, and industry associations.


The cornerstone of our expertise lies within our highly-educated, experienced, and dedicated workforce who are driven to serve our customers and protect our planet.


It is a mindset that began at the earliest stages of our company’s development.

History and timeline of success


Originally founded as the “Chemical Products Company,” Diversified CPC International first supplied alcohol and general chemicals to the market. As industry pioneers, our early founders went on to change the future of the aerosol business, with the development of clean hydrocarbon propellant that replaced the now banned chlorofluorocarbons that had been used in the aerosol market.


As the demand for cleaner propellants increased, Diversified CPC International became sought after for our expertise as an early to market leader of propellants and related products to the aerosol industry. That mantle of leadership continues to expand into new manufactured applications.


From the beginning to now.





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