Beaumont, TX Plant: Progress Update

Our newest facility is strategically located and further ensures reliable supply through redundant manufacturing capabilities.

Phase 1

  • Scope: Purchase land & establish a rail distribution terminal
  • Status: Complete and operational


Phase 2

  • Scope: Infrastructure development for NGL processing facility
  • Status: In progress
  • Expected completion: Q4 2023


Phase 3

  • Scope: NGL processing
  • Status: In progress
  • Expected completion:
    • Commissioning of processing systems to begin Q1 2024.
    • Full-scale product online by Q2 2024.

Infrastructure Development for NGL Processing Facility

Scheduled for completion in Q4 2023

Scope includes:
  • Site preparation (civil).
  • Installation of a large-scale facility fire protection system designed to supply 11,000 gpm of fire water supplied from a six (6) million-gallon on-site reservoir.
  • Utilities:  Electrical, water, internet, and combustible gas detection systems.
  • Installation of overhead pipe racks and bridges to support bulk storage and processing areas.
  • Pilings and concrete foundations for processing equipment in the process areas.
  • Bulk storage for raw materials and processed products.  Six (6) 90,000-gallon tanks for R290 (propane) refrigerant production and five (5) 40,000-gallon tanks for R601a (isopentane) refrigerant production and Y-grade NGL products.
  • Process facility buildings including motor control center (MCC), operator process control room, and plant laboratory.


NGL Processing

Commissioning of processing systems to begin Q1 2024 | Full-scale product online by Q2 2024
Scope includes:
  • Design and installation of all necessary NGL processing equipment to produce high-purity NGL refrigerants including R290, R601a, and other light hydrocarbon refrigerant products to serve our Gulf Coast LNG customer base.
  • This phase includes a large scale 2-tower high purity NGL fractionation system, process heater, molecular sieve processing towers, and mercury removal units (MRUs).

Project Progress

Insulating Molecular Sieve Processing Towers
Installation of Vertical Turbine Fire Pumps
6M Gallon Fire Water Reservoir
Mercury Removal Unit (MRU) Vessels
Truck Scale for Transport Loading
90K Gallon Bulk Storage Tanks
6 tanks installed
40K Gallon Bulk Storage Tanks
5 tanks installed; space available for several more
Heater Installation
Insulation of Fefrigerated Ethane/Propane Mix Process Vessel
Fire Proofing of Vertical Storage Tank Support Skirts
Fire Water Monitor Cannons Mounted
Fire Pump House
Fire Water Pumps with Diesel Engines
3 pumps installed
Process Heater Installation
Deluge Piping Installation on Vertical Tanks
Tower 2 Overhead Condenser