Hoshizaki America Moves to Diversified CPC’s High-Purity Hydrocarbon R290 Refrigerant
June 27, 2021

Hoshizaki switched to R290 for their new Steelheart Commercial Kitchen Refrigeration Series, resulting in continued energy savings and CO2 Reduction.

The manufacturer believes this reaffirms its commitment to sustainability at no added cost to the dealer or the consumer. R290 is one of the most environmentally friendly refrigerant gases, with a very low Global Warming Potential (GWP). Given its less aggressive
properties compared to traditional refrigerants, it can also improve the overall life of the operating components within the unit.
The move to R290 coincides with the wider global phaseout of high-GWP refrigerants, which will ultimately make the likes of R134A ineligible for use within the U.S. in years to come.

Retrofitting the company’s manufacturing facility in Griffin, Georgia, to accommodate R290 was a huge undertaking for Hoshizaki. To support their transition, DCPC installed a 2,000-gallon bulk storage tank and assisted in the training of Hoshizaki technicians in the proper procedures for safely handling the product.

“We decided to focus on R290 more than any other type of refrigerant,” said Director of Marketing, Sally Gray. “We believe that it will be the dominant future option for this industry.”

The R290 is produced at DCPC’s state-of-the-art hydrocarbon purification plant in Channahon, Illinois. To meet growing customer demand, a second production facility is currently under construction in Beaumont, Texas. Along with R290, DCPC produces and distributes R600a (refrigerant-grade isobutane), R600 (refrigerant-grade normal butane), and R1270 (refrigerant-grade propylene). In addition to meeting or exceeding AHRI industry standards, DCPC’s high-purity products keep refrigeration and air conditioning systems running at peak efficiency for longer periods of time. The result is lower utility bills and a reduction in costly maintenance and equipment failures while increasing the overall lifespan of the appliance.

This new R290 refrigerant in Hoshizaki’s Steelheart Refrigeration saves the world from greenhouse gas emissions equal to 5,302 passenger vehicles driven in one year!