Diversified CPC International COVID-19 Business Continuity Update for Our Customers.

Stakeholder diversity

Diversified CPC thinks of our stakeholders as a community of organizations and people who are jointly dedicated to meeting the needs of the public for clean, safe extracted gas products.

Our employees, customers, suppliers, investors, environmental organizations, and industry associations each have their own powerful expertise. Because of our strong relationships with all of them, we are able to draw upon all of that expertise to advance our role as global leaders in the industry.

While each have individual needs and goals, together we can collaborate to achieve our best individual and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Meet Our Stakeholders


The cornerstone of our expertise lies within our well-educated, experienced, and dedicated workforce who are driven to serve our customers and protect our planet.

Our teams are duty-driven to provide individual attention to our customers. While some people call this customer service, our company sees it as taking care of the people and businesses that take care of us.

We maintain high standards in all of our recruitment practices, which bolsters our culture of care, integrity, and performance.

To attract and retain a highly effective workforce, our salary, healthcare, and other benefit packages are among the strongest in the industry. We value and support our employees’ need for personal growth and their work-life balance so they can fully enjoy the fruits of their labor.


Our strong base of customers stays with us because they can depend on the quality of our products, our responsible innovation mindset, competitive price terms, and steady, unique service.

We understand the volatility of their markets and, as such, provide a level of stability and purity in our products that support their needs.

We have built partner relationships with many of them, so they are able to access the leadership mindset we provide to markets around the world.


As our customers need our quality products, so do we need quality suppliers to help us deliver on our promise. Our dedicated suppliers keep our operations running smoothly with a steady supply of raw materials and other goods.

We work together to negotiate volume pricing terms that are beneficial to both their operations and ours. Our reputation in the market ensures a low credit risk for both entities. We share market research, sale trends, technical services, and logistic information with other experts in the field.

These mutual benefits are part of the reason we are dedicated to our strong supplier base and they to us.


We have been able to attract and maintain a broad range of investors looking for investment opportunities that have a history of success.

With reliable performance and lower risks because of our innovation and collaborative relationships with all of our stakeholders, we provide the strong ROI investors are looking for in their investment portfolio decisions.


The integrity we maintain as global leaders in our industry is kept strong through our relationships with environmental organizations and regulators like the Environmental Protection Agency.

The stable relationships we maintain help keep communication lines open, which allows us to support one another in all of our goals.

We value their expertise and mission to protecting the environment and share those values throughout all of our processes.

Trade Associations

Diversified CPC International are members of numerous industry-related trade associations. We are long-term members of the Household and Commercial Products Association (HCPA) and are proud to help inform and support its advocacy initiatives.

The HCPA supports the industry that manufactures products used for cleaning, protecting, maintaining, and disinfecting in homes and commercial environments.

We maintain strong alliances throughout this association in order to continue with the level of innovation we bring to the market. Our associations with the HCPA, as well as with the California Air Resources Board (CARB), help guide our work.

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