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July 1, 2018

Diversified CPC International completes operational safety upgrades

Diversified CPC International (DCPC), a leading global supplier of aerosol propellants, is committed to the protection and promotion of employee health and safety, as well as the safety of communities that host our facilities. To that end, the company has recently completed a number of safety upgrades designed to achieve the highest possible level of operational excellence at all DCPC facilities, while maintaining the company’s goal of zero injuries or safety incidents in any given year.

“At DCPC we are always interested in new ways of reducing risk and enhancing our safety culture and physical operations,” said DCPC President and CEO Bill Auriemma. “As the company has grown, we have invested the necessary resources in personnel, systems, and capital improvements in order to sustain a high level of performance, while ensuring employees go home safely every day. This includes a number of projects which began in 2018 and are now coming to fruition in 2019.”

For example, the company has significantly increased safety features at its primary manufacturing facility in Channahon, Illinois. This included upgrading the electro-pneumatic emergency shutdown control system (ESD) with 30 stations installed around the plant (tripling the previous number) and expanding our combustible gas detection system which is interlocked to the plant’s electro-pneumatic emergency shutdown control system.

“Activation of the ESD system at any of the stations will shut down all plant internal safety valves on storage tanks, emergency shutoff valves in the piping, as well as motors, pumps, and compressors in the event a problem is detected,” said Vice President of Operations William Frauenheim III. “Power for fire protection systems, plant lighting, buildings, and process control systems is not affected.”

“In addition, we upgraded fire protection tools including a quadrupling of the onsite water storage capacity to 1.25 million gallons, which can be accessed at 13,000 gallons per minute, two diesel fire pumps, six hydraulic oscillating water cannons, and many other additional fire suppression features to equipment and buildings were added,” Frauenheim said.

The safety enhancements were not limited to the Channahon facility only. The new Sebring, Florida Distribution Terminal was designed and built with the new ESD system to control storage tanks, tank car unloading platforms, and the container loading station. Hydrant-mounted water cannons were also installed at the site. At the Anaheim, California plant, upgraded railroad piping emergency shutoff valves, structural improvements to protect against seismic activity, and new safety equipment to prevent a catastrophic release from a sight glass failure have been installed. At the Sparta, New Jersey plant, safety and operability upgrades, which were proposed by plant staff, to re-design tank car platform loading and unloading assemblies, were implemented.

"While we have developed effective protocols and guidelines that keep our products and production facilities safe, our employees should also be commended for their commitment to implementing them so effectively. By following industry best practices and continuing to make ongoing investments in systems and training, we can ensure a manufacturing process that is both highly efficient at producing industry leading products and uniquely safe to operate,” Auriemma.

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