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Specialty solvents and cleaning fluids

Solvents that solve big cleaning projects.

Diversified CPC International – An authorized distributor for Vertrel XFTM specialty fluids/Precision cleaning, a Chemours product.

We understand the science of clean as we make some of the purest products in the world. Many of our manufacturing customers seek our counsel on which solvents and cleaning fluids are safe and effective for their individual applications and needs.

Many companies want to change from Tricholorethylene (TCE) to newer, better cleaning fluid alternatives that are safer for people and planet. To address this shift, Diversified CPC produces Vapor Degreasers, a line of specialty solvents. They are the solvent of choice for maximum cleaning and are a versatile cleaner of oil, grease, hydraulic fluids, and silicones. These products have a significantly improved safety profile over older solvents like TCE.

In addition to the Vapor Degreaser, we have created a custom package of precision cleaning application blends with Vertrel XFTM. Having studied all of its components and value, they became an authorized distributor for Vertrel XFTM specialty fluid used for precision cleaning.

Vertrel XFTM specialty fluids are nonflammable and can be used in several applications. Its solvents evaporate quickly and leave no residue. The products are compatible with most plastics, elastomers and metals. The properties they contain are highly pure, are low in viscosity, have low surface tension, and high liquid density for effective wetting and soil removal. They are environmentally sound and do not deplete the ozone; a key reason for our endorsement and partnership.

For businesses and operators looking for cleansers that are highly pure and highly effective, Vertrel XFTM specialty solvents and cleaning fluids are the go-to products.

In addition to Vertrel XFTM, we offer a full line of specialty solvents and cleaning fluids including 1,2 Trans Dichloroethylene, 365, SF 10, SF 33, Solstice PF, and Solstice PF-C.

For more information on how our line of solvents and cleaning fluids can help with your complex cleaning needs, contact us here today.

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