Commercial Refrigerants


High-Purity, Sustainable
Refrigerants That Perform

Commercial appliance manufacturers choose our high-purity refrigerants to
comply with EPA regulations, reduce energy consumption, and extend
appliance life. Our hydrocarbons are the world’s purest, and we are the only
domestic manufacturer of UL-Classified refrigerants.

Refrigerants for Commercial Applications
  • Products & Benefits

    Our hydrocarbons are the world’s purest, and we are the only domestic manufacturer of UL-Classified refrigerants, offering:

    • R290 (Propane)
    • R600a (Isobutane)
    • R600 (n-Butane)
    • R601a (Isopentane)
    • R1270 (Propylene)
    • Blends

    We produce high-purity hydrocarbon refrigerants to ensure commercial appliances manufacturers:

    • Comply with EPA regulations
    • Reduce energy consumption
    • Extend appliance life
  • Why is Purity Important?

    Refrigerant purity directly impacts a system’s performance. Our natural hydrocarbon refrigerants are high in purity to meet today’s standards for sustainability, efficiency, and reliability.

  • Pure Sustainability

    Natural hydrocarbon products are among the most sustainable:

    • Zero ODP
    • Low GWP
    • Non-Toxic
  • Pure Efficiency

    High purity translates into lower energy costs and higher refrigeration rates per horsepower of compression. As a result:

    • Manufacturers achieve favorable energy ratings
    • End users reduce utility costs
  • Pure Reliability

    We produce hydrocarbon refrigerants with low moisture and sulfur levels to significantly minimize contaminants flowing through a system, which results in:

    • Extended component life
    • Reduced warranty claims
    • Reduced compressor noise for quieter applications
  • Purity from Production to Delivery

    Our high-purity refrigerants are produced at and distributed from Diversified CPC plants throughout the United States. They are transported via dedicated fleets that are designed and operated to maintain product purity levels. We offer:

    • A Certificate of Analysis with every product shipment
    • Exceptional on-time delivery through a dedicated fleet
    • Bulk and cylinder options
  • Conversion Assistance

    Diversified CPC also offers services to help end users who are undergoing a conversion. Services include:

    • Engineering design
    • Engineering services for bulk storage
    • Engineering services for safety systems
    • Construction & installation
    • Safety & operational training

The Diversified Difference


High Purity

Our high-purity hydrocarbon refrigerants are engineered to reduce energy consumption and extend appliance life.



Hydrocarbon refrigerants are a sustainable solution. They have zero ODP, a low GWP, and are non-toxic.



We manufacture UL-Classified refrigerants. Our hydrocarbon refrigerants also meet or exceed AHRI Standard 700.

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