Diversified CPC International COVID-19 Business Continuity Update for Our Customers.

Aerosol propellants

Pure technology that produces beautiful results.

Any time a salon stylist sprays someone’s hair, a hiker applies bug spray before heading into the woods, or any time someone sprays a frying pan with cooking spray before making a meal, they are using an aerosol propellant that Diversified CPC International made safer, cleaner, and more reliable.

Consumers around the world may not be aware of the vital role Diversified CPC International plays in the safety and stability of the products they use every day. But, because our pure hydrocarbon innovation and strong partnerships with our customers and suppliers, they don’t have to.

We supply and distribute the highest purity of liquefied gas propellants to domestic and export markets. Our customers have come to rely on our technology because of its chemical stability, environmental acceptability, and low toxicity.


With our innovative products, customers are confident in the products they make that enhance beauty, make surroundings more pleasant and easier to manage, and cause no harm to people’s health or the environment.  

We produce and distribute the highest purity hydrocarbon propellant for Chemours HP DME Propellant and Honeywell Solstice Propellant.

For more information on how our highly pure aerosol propellants can help with your production needs, contact us here today.

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