Biomass Extraction


Purity With the Consumer &
Extractor in Mind

Discerning extractors rely on us for high-purity solvents to ensure cannabinoid
concentrates are safe and of high quality. High purity also equates to high
efficiency, which means our solvents reduce processing time.

Purity with the consumer and the extractor in mind
  • Providing high-purity expertise in a growing industry

    Our sustainable manufacturing process is one of purity, excellence, and continuous quality control testing to ensure scale and consistency. We produce the purest hydrocarbon solvents in the world. Our products are the gold-standard in the biomass extraction business.

    We also produce an ultra-pure grade of extraction solvents for the most demanding applications, making it highly suitable for medical cannabis producers.

    Since concentrated cannabinoid (CBD oil) products are used as a credible alternative to traditional medication and are becoming increasingly used across the country and the world, it is important to use high-purity biomass solvent extraction solvents when producing concentrates.

    • High-Purity Biomass Extraction Solvents = Safe, Clean Products for Consumer
    • High-Purity Solvents = Efficiency for Extractor (Less Time Processing)

The Diversified Difference


High Purity

We produce hydrocarbon products with unmatched purity levels. Rely on us for your rigorous application requirements.


Inhouse Expertise

Manufacturers seek our advice because Diversified CPC’s formulation experts offer invaluable advice and guidance.


Custom Formulas

Your ideal solution may be a precise blend of several. We offer customized gases, solvents, and agents.

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