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Solvent extraction

Purity with the consumer and the extractor in mind.

We are a global leader in pure hydrocarbon innovation and use hydrocarbon technology to produce high purity cannabinoid extraction solvents for both the recreational and medical cannabis industries.

Since concentrated cannabinoid (THC, CBD, et al.) products are used as a credible alternative to traditional medication and are becoming increasingly more legal for recreational use across the country and world, it is important to use high purity extraction solvents when producing concentrates.

*High Purity Solvent = Safe, Clean Products for Consumer

*High Purity Solvent = Efficiency for Extractor (Less Time Processing)

We also produce an ultra-pure grade of cannabinoid extraction solvents for the most demanding applications, making it highly suitable for medical cannabis producers.

Providing high purity expertise in a growing industry.

Strict laws and other health regulations govern companies that sell cannabis products. Here at Diversified CPC International, we understand this and operate under a rigorous regulatory environment as well. We are particularly sensitive to the needs of cannabis merchants and distributors.

The benefits of working with Diversified CPC International include:

  • Being able to produce the safe use documentation needed in order to obtain and keep state and local operational licenses.
  • By partnering with a recognized global leader in pure hydrocarbon innovation, companies selling cannabis products are better able to build a stronger reputation in their markets.
  • Ensuring that the cannabis extraction method Diversified CPC International employs has the purest, best-in-class manufacturing standards as well as a strict adherence to regulatory compliance, which are vital to avoid product liability claims.

Convenient distribution.

We distribute these high purity extractants in bulk and cylinder quantities through an exclusive system of distributors. While other sources of extraction solvents may contain undesirable and toxic substances, we extensively test both the products and systems to guarantee purity and consistent quality.

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