Semiconductor Products


High Purity for High-Precision

Leading semiconductor chip manufacturers depend upon our ultra-high-purity
solvents to precisely etch complex circuit patterns on wafers. We manufacture
and distribute Propylene that is 99.99+% pure, to support the next generation
of technology.

  • Producing the High-Purity Products Technology Demands

    Diversified CPC is known for producing the highest purity products in the industry, which is why cutting-edge chip manufacturers turn to us to meet their stringent manufacturing needs.

    We are an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) accredited facility that uses proprietary technology and processes to achieve unmatched purity levels.

    Rely on us for propylene that is 99.99+% pure to facilitate the production of cutting-edge chips (>5nm) that contain little-to-no defects.

    We specialize in creating custom, high-purity solvents that support your existing and next-generation performance goals.

The Diversified Difference


High Purity

We produce hydrocarbon gases with unmatched purity levels. Rely on us for your rigorous application requirements.


Inhouse Expertise

Manufacturers seek our advice because Diversified CPC’s formulation experts offer invaluable advice and guidance.


Custom Formulas

Your ideal solution may be a precise blend of several. We offer customized gases, solvents, and agents.

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Our high-purity products are
leveraged across an array of


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