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High purity hydrocarbon refrigerants

Open the door to a new era in refrigerants.

As consumer and environmental groups have demanded more environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient appliances, manufacturers and repair technicians of air conditioners and refrigerators have been looking for ways to meet these demands.

High purity hydrocarbon refrigerants have been making a surge in the market, but manufacturers need trustworthy suppliers that can deliver a consistently reliable product.

We are a global leader in providing specialty and hydrocarbon gases for the refrigerant market. Here at Diversified CPC International, we produce and supply the market with high purity hydrocarbon refrigerants, specifically: R600a (refrigerant grade isobutane), R600 (refrigerant grade normal butane), R290 (refrigerant grade propane), and R1270 (refrigerant grade propylene). All of our high purity hydrocarbons meet or exceed AHRI specifications. Additionally, UL certifications are available upon request.

Our high purity refrigerants do more than meet consumer and environmental demands. Because our purity grades are 99.5 percent or higher, our products keep systems running optimally for longer periods of time. They decrease utility bills and reduce costly maintenance and equipment failures while increasing efficiencies and the overall lifespan of the appliance.

The pure hydrocarbons and specific blends we produce and distribute work to minimize any contaminants flowing through a system, which reduces wear and tear on costly equipment. Systems that rely on our high purity refrigerants are far less likely to experience unexpected repair costs and production downtime, especially in relation to compressor seal failure.

Having built the largest and most efficient purity hydrocarbon purification plant in the world, we provide customers with a steady supply of pure hydrocarbons and specific blends to meet their needs and applications.

Our advanced plant capabilities and smooth supply chain management can manage all the delivery, handling, and support needed for the transfer of products to our customers.

Whether you need a high purity hydrocarbon refrigerant for air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, process chilling, or heat extraction, we are a valued source for manufacturers and repair technicians around the world.

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