High-Purity Hydrocarbon Refrigerants


That Perform

Our high-purity refrigerants improve equipment and operational performance across multiple industries and applications. LNG and industrial plants as well as manufacturers of commercial and residential appliances rely on our refrigerant-grade hydrocarbons.

High-Purity Hydrocarbon Refrigerants:

R290 (Propane)
– R600a (Isobutane)
– R600 (n-Butane)
– R601 (n-Pentane)
– R601a (Isopentane)
– R1270 (Propylene)
– Blends

The Diversified Difference


High Purity

Contaminants adversely impact system performance. Our high-purity hydrocarbon refrigerants optimize performance and efficiency.



Hydrocarbon refrigerants have zero ozone depletion potential (ODP), low global warming potential (GWP), and are non-toxic.



We are a domestic manufacturer of UL-Classified refrigerants. Our hydrocarbon refrigerants also meet or exceed AHRI Standard 700.


Industrial Refrigerants

When uptime and productivity are everything, you can’t afford to overlook anything. Most refrigerants include contaminants that can slow down or even shut down a plant. High-purity refrigerants optimize plant and business performance.

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LNG Liquefaction

Whether you employ an AP-C3MR, Optimized Cascade Process (OCP), or any version of SMR, the refrigerant you use for liquefaction impacts your LNG operations. Refrigerant contaminants can slow down or shut down a plant. High-purity refrigerants increase productivity…

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Commercial appliance manufacturers choose our high-purity refrigerants to comply with EPA regulations, reduce energy consumption, and extend appliance life. Our hydrocarbons are the world’s purest, and we are the only domestic manufacturer of UL-Classified…

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Refrigerants for Appliances

High-purity refrigerants reduce warranty claims and consumer utility costs, and help ensure appliances qualify for the Energy Star rating. Our hydrocarbon refrigerants are the world’s purest and include UL-Classified refrigerants.

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What Our Customers Have Said

Sally Ray, Sr. Director of Marketing and Product Management

“Protecting the environment has never been more important than it is right now. R290 supplied by Diversified CPC enables us to produce an efficient, low-GWP product, which helps us have a smaller carbon footprint. Hoshizaki America is dedicated to energy efficiency in every aspect of our business and iv very proud to be named the 2023 Energy Star Partner of the Year, Sustained Excellence our 8th such award.”

Sally Ray, Sr. Director of Marketing and Product Management
Hoshizaki America, Inc.

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Sustainability Is Our Mission

We have, and always will, pursue our role as an industry leader with a sense of duty to our employees, customers, the public, and the planet through sustainable, innovative products that promote positive societal and environmental outcomes.

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