Producing The Purest Aerosol Propellants

We produce the world’s purest hydrocarbon aerosol propellants using proprietary manufacturing processes and equipment. We offer the broadest portfolio of aerosol propellants and blends and create custom formulations to meet your product performance and sustainability requirements.

The Diversified Difference

High Purity

We achieve purity levels others cannot. Our hydrocarbon aerosol propellants are certified to meet the stringent standards you specify.

Custom Formulations

You don’t have to compromise product efficacy to meet sustainability requirements. Our expert formulators will work with you to create the ideal blend.

Exceptional OTD

To help ensure on-time delivery, we have dedicated rail and truck fleets; our products are produced and stored strategically throughout the U.S.

5 Steps to Meet Your Specifications

Step 1: Collaborate
Before we step into our labs, we sit down with you to learn about your product requirements, challenges, and goals.
Step 2: Produce
We create unique propellants to meet your precise specifications.
Step 3: Analyze
Each production lot is analyzed to ensure adherence to quality specifications.
Step 4: Certify
We validate product compliance and authenticity with a Certificate of Analysis.
Step 5: Deliver
To protect product quality, we use a dedicated fleet for transport.

Related Solutions

Our high-purity products are leveraged across an array of industries.

We Are Passionate About Results

Customers rave about our service and leading brands trust us to provide high-purity solutions for their products. We have been exceeding customer expectations since 1964 and we’ve only just begun.